bruce lee and the outlaw (2018)


Director: Joost Vandebrug
Producers: Andrea Cornwell, Joachim van Trommel
Executive Producers: Noomi Rapace, Orlando von Einsiedel, Raymond van der Kaaij
Production Companies: Grain Media / Revolver Amsterdam / Pink Productions


Nicu, a young homeless boy, is adopted by Bruce Lee, the notorious "King of the Underworld" and goes to live with him in the tunnels underneath Bucharest. As Nicu grows up, he starts to realise that perhaps the King of the Underworld is not the perfect father,and has to make a choice between staying in Bruce's gang, or living a 'normal' life above ground.

Filmed over six years, BRUCE LEE & THE OUTLAW is a modern-day Oliver Twist story under the streets of Bucharest.


“… A story filled with tragedy and hope. Vandebrug’s approach to documentary filmmaking empowers his subjects to own their stories and finds beauty and love in the darkest of places…. powerfully executed and visually flawless”


Director Joost Vandebrug creates a sense of intimacy and compassion…. a poignant, beautiful snapshot of a young boy’s most important years


“ For anybody who’s ever binged on Louis Theroux’s cultish docs or found real-world purpose in Ken Loach’s stories (..), Bruce Lee and the Outlaw promises to deliver an equally powerful emotional punch.” 

i-D Magazine

“ This is an incredibly personal work from a filmmaker that is bound to become hugely influential... it is very exciting to see where he will go from here.” 


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